Alison is Endorsed by the following community leaders.

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Honorary Co-Chairs:

Carol Kaplan

MFCC, Retired.  Former DRO City Council member

Katie Kreeger

Special Education Teacher

Gus Leonard


Mark Thomas


Jim Vanderzwaan

Retired TV Meteorologist

Patrice Vecchione


Gail Weir

Former Vice Chair DRO Planning Commission

Proudly Endorsed By:


Mark Stone

Ca State Assemblyman

Jane Parker

Monterey County Supervisor

Mary Adams

Monterey County Supervisor



Bruce Delgado

Mayor, Marina

Ian Oglesby

Mayor, Seaside

Bill Peake

Mayor, Pacific Grove

Yanely Martinez

Mayor ProTem, Greenfield

Alan Haffa

Councilperson, Monterey

Tyller Williamson

Councilperson, Monterey

Jenny McAdam

Councilperson, Pacific Grove

Jon Wizard

Councilperson, Seaside

Carol Kaplan

Councilperson, DRO, Former

Mike Ventimiglia

Councilperson, DRO, Former

Gary Kreeger

Planning Commissioner, DRO

Gail Weir

Planning Commissioner, DRO, Former Vice Chair

Alice Angell Green

Planning Commissioner, DRO, Former

Alana Myles

Trustee, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

Wendy Root Askew

Trustee, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

Yuri Anderson

Trustee, Monterey Peninsula College

George Riley

Trustee, Monterey Peninsula Water Mgmt District

Jan Shriner

Director, Marina Coast Water District

Nancy Selfridge

City councilperson, Monterey, Former

Karen Arajou

Monterey County Commission on the Status of Women

Dr. Daniel Fernandez

CSUMB Professor, Sustainable City Year Program

Dr. Kevin Raskoff

Monterey Peninsula College

Kay Cline

Sustainable Seaside

*Organization name is used for identification purposes only and does not imply organization endorsement.



“Alison’s service on Concerned Citizens for Del Rey Oaks, co-chair of her Neighborhood Watch, experience managing million dollar budgets … plus her vocal advocacy for clean energy and open government demonstrates she will be a responsive, dynamic and effective Mayor.”

– Jane Parker, Monterey County Supervisor


Generous Event Sponsors

Gail Bartow

Debbie Blakesley

Catherine Crockett

Denyse Frischmuth

Robert Frischmuth

Alice Angell Green

Lisa Hoivik

Tom Hoivik

 Nina Munoz

Alana Myles

Mary Jahr Purvis

Bonnie Reimann

Susan Schiavone

Nancy Selfridge

Kim Shirley

Linda Shirley

Diane Stotler

Larry Turner

Mike Ventimiglia

Ken Wanderman

Proudly Supported By

Stephen Abate

Joe Acayan

Nancy Allison

Brooke Bailey

Irene Barlich

Justin Barnes

Ron Beckett 

Ron Blacker

Debbie Blakesley  

Roxane Buck Ezcurra

Nicole Bulich

Ryan Bulich

Manny Ezcurra

Alexis Bunten  

Anne Canright

David Canright

Ruth Campos

Gary Childs

Michelle Childs

Ken Chitpanich

Lisa Coburn

Daniella Colbassa

Ethan Collings

Ruth Dunne

Amy Edwards

Beth Fergon  

Gary Fergon

Karen Fowlie-Blacker

Linda Galuppo

Ronald Galuppo

Earl Garthwait

Robin Garthwait

Beth Gauthreaux

Dana Goforth

Frank Goulart

Dan Griffin

Arlen Grossman

Tom Habashi

Katherine Harper-Beckett

Coral Hendon

Patrick Hendon

Cindy Hickey

Boon Hughey

Mary Jahr Purvis

Frederica Jones

Jack Jones  

Carol Kaplan

Gary F. Karnes

Paul Keene  

Katie Kreeger  

Laura Kreeger

Scott Douglas Laxier

Gus Leonard

George Lips

Douglas Mackenzie  

Sarah Miles

Bijan Moshiri

Topher Mueller

Nina Munoz

Gerry Orton  

Kristene Pindar

Dave Purvis

Bill Ragsdale Cronin

Susan Ragsdale Cronin  

Anne Rivera

Mayola Rodriguez

Deanna Ross

Cathy Sampognaro  

Mira Saleh

Juan L. Sanchez

Denese Sanders

Jose Santos

Kelly Schneider

Aaron Schneider

Janelle Schuh

Terry Seeders

Katherine Seeders  

Kim Shirley

Linda Shirley

Leslie Simon

Lynne Siqueiros  

Sabrina Siqueiros

Joe Solis

Mary Solseng

Scott Taylor

Diane Stotler

Saralinda Subbiondo

Mina Sunwoo

Marianne Taflinger

Scott Taylor  

Christina Torres

Larry Turner

Jeri Vanderzwaan

Marion Washington

Natalie Webb

William Weigle

This is a partial list. Thank you for your support!

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I’m running for Del Rey Oaks mayor because we need to move forward, work together
on common interests, and start helping our community listen to one another.  In a
community of this size, everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard.

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