• Safeguarding our taxpayer money and protecting us from crippling lawsuits
  • Demanding open, responsive, and accessible government
  • Advocating for safe neighborhoods & community
  • Championing our environment and greenspace
  • Protecting our 17-acre parcel from developers
  • Cherishing and expanding our community parks

Promises Made – Promises Kept!

Four years ago I pledged to bring about change to our city. I kept the promises I made, including the promise to show up for our community in the most challenging moments. We have more to do! I hope I can count on your vote on November 8th.

Alison is Recommended for re-election by:

Monterey County New Progressives and the Monterey County Democrats

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I’m running for Del Rey Oaks mayor because we need to move forward,
work together on common interests, and start helping our community listen
to one another.  In a community of this size, everyone has a voice that
deserves to be heard.

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